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Welcome to my heart and soul.  It is truly a great honor to work with you and be trusted with your memories.  Creating these moments with you and your family is a something that lights my soul on fire.  To me, the highest calling in life is to be a mother.  And the second, is to be a photographer.  I want to see your vision for your session and work with you to create something magical!  Let’s find that sweet spot between posed photos and play time.  That spot where memories take hold and leave your breathless.  These little people that you’ve blessed the world with deserved to be captured with you in exactly this way.

I am a mama of four beautiful little girls.  My day times are filled with laundry, play doh and glitter.  While we create these memories, I very rarely answer emails, texts, phone calls or messages.  I reserve my days for my family and evenings and weekends for business.  I do still answer them when I am able to though.  Between potty trips and nursing sessions, when I have a moment I will respond and make sure to get your questions answered.  During extremely high volume months of October-December my standard response time is two days but that is usually much less.