I hope that as you look around my website that you get a good feel for who I am.  I absolutely love what I do.  Photography is something that lives and breathes inside me.  I feel I was given this talent to glorify God though it.  The clients that have become very close friends would never have happened if it wasn’t for that.  If I am able to bring you something that speaks to your heart and tugs at those memories, then I have done my job well.  I want to capture the essence of who you are and the relationships that surround you.  I am always open to speak to before your session.  So please, take a look around and then drop me an email.

I am a high end boutique style photographer.  My focus will always aim at giving you the experience of a lifetime.  I have designed my process to give you the best experience possible.  I guide you through every step of your session, including pricing and outfit selection.  Your time with my studio is not to merely show up for your portrait session.  It is to be given a luxury experience with a warm and uplifting atmosphere.  You are here to be spoiled and loved on.  Please enjoy every second of it!

My grandfather embedded a deep love for photography in me, even when I was very small.  I remember the dark room equipment kept safely in the basement of his house.  I remember the slide shows at Thanksgiving after the Detroit game.  And I remember the ancient camera equipment scattered on the shelves.  When I was in high school, the yearbook class pulled at me.  My first day in the class I felt like I had finally entered into my calling.  From there, I was flung into art shows, photography classes, Michigan State University Workshops, competitions and living in the darkroom.  My first camera was a 35mm film Canon and I swore that I would never switch to digital because it was “just so inferior.”  When planning my wedding, a year after graduation, I started researching wedding photographers.  I saw some absolutely gorgeous work, but because it was digital I refused to hire them.  Fast forward six years when I started my business as an amateur, and I was shooting digitally with a Nikon.  Over the years, I have upgraded my equipment, lenses and knowledge base.  I’ve taken classes and graduated from college.  I have four beautiful daughters and still married to the man I was engaged to at nineteen years old.  Every year, I try to improve my business skills, people skills and shooting skills.  I pray that I am not the same person/photographer next year that I was this year.  You are my livelihood in my business.  Making sure that I bring you constantly better images every time I work with you is exactly what I want.  I want good relationships with my clients because that is what life is made up of, people. And the love that I can share with you.

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The biggest
adventure we can
take is to live the
life of our dreams
Oprah Winfrey

I am so excited that you are here and curious about your session with my studio.  I created this video to give you a glimpse into a session with with me.  My main focus is to create a magical experience for you where your vision is brought to the forefront of our plans together.  Take a look and then contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation.