{ l } birthday session: colorado child photographer

This is my beautiful little middle daughter’s 6th birthday session.  I truly love the fact that I have four lovely little daughters who grow more and more beautiful, intelligent and amazing every day.  I have one in every season of the calendar year which means we get to play in all sorts of weather.  Today it was snowing in the mountains and just perfect for her session.

This year and last year I went with themes for each of the girls.  Last year’s sessions celebrated their brothers and sisters that we lost through miscarriage.  Every one of my girls is a rainbow baby so we did something rainbow for each of their sessions.  This year, since we all love to travel, we did destinations.  My oldest daughter’s session was shot in Michigan, my second’s was shot in Veeduawu, my third in Dillion, Colorado and my last was shot in Colorado Springs.  I have no idea how to top these this year but we will see what I can come up with!

Please enjoy her sweet winter wonderland session!

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