The Workshop: Business Edition

November 21, 2019  •  13 Comments


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I am super excited to be hosting my second workshop!  This one is a bit different!  We will be focusing on all aspects of running your photography business.  Starting from your back office and how to manage all those inquiries, getting pricing out to those inquiries, managing your workflow for each client and how to maintain your sanity.  This is where most of my fellow photographers tell me that they struggle the most. 


We will also be chatting about how to utilize an assistant and where to plug them into your business to maximize your business efforts.  I call Melanie my professional everything because that is exactly what she is to me.  She fills the gaps where I need it the most.  I will be teaching you what items to delegate and which ones to continue to do on your own to make sure you both are sane and functional!  You will hear from Melanie as well on how she handles running her own successful wedding planning business and is a professional assistant for several businesses.


We will also be chatting about how I use a Content Calendar to write all my social media and blogging posts.  These are extremely important for marketing purposes and managing the flow of marketing.  There are times where I don't need as much marketing and these things take the back burner.  But there are ways that I can boost these up to increase my bookings.  I will be sharing the tools I use and how to utilize each and every one.


The workshop will be five glorious hours of teaching, eating and spending time with the girls...oh and there's a mimosa on being here in your comfy clothes, curl up with a blanket and be ready to take some notes and enjoy some delightful gourmet finger foods and be filled!!


The price includes five hours of instruction, a light breakfast, a gourmet lunch with hot chocolate and desserts, a mimosa bar, and a question and answer time where I will answer whatever questions you all might have.  Your investment into yourselves is priceless!!


The price will be $600 and will be split into two payments.  Half to reserve your space and half two weeks before the workshop.  You're welcome to have more payments but the deposit is $250.  In order to reserve your space please contact me for and click "MENTORING" from the session type list.  You will be emailed all the information and how to reserve your space.  Date will be March 7th, 2019 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.


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