What is a Vacation Photographer?

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What really is a vacation photographer?

This is actually one of my very favorite aspects of photography.  I really love being able to document a family during a day of their vacation and having each and every family member in the images.  I think the worst part of family vacations for me is not being in hardly any of the photos.  And if I am in them, it's usually a cell phone where printing them is limited to poor quality and small prints, poor color and quality and rough angles.  It's the most disappointing part of vacations for me.  I feel like I've spent all this money on a glorious vacation and I'm in zero photos with my family.  It's heartbreaking.  Don't let this be your experience. 

So what do I do for you?

I spend an entire day with your family and document every single thing you do with each other that day.  A day at the beach, mountain climbing, snorkeling, anything that you love to do!  Every single person is in these images!  Put your camera down for one whole day and just soak in all those lovely people around you that you love so much.  I arrive shortly after breakfast and accompany you wherever your family is headed that day.  For example, let's say you just booked me to attend a day in Hawaii with your family.  Once I have arrived, you have a glass bottom boat tour scheduled.  I would come with you and capture the wonder in those little faces and the excitement of the adventure!!  After the boat tour, we would wander down to town for some lunch.  Your small child asks for conch fritters and I get to document every silly face they make once it is presented at their table.  The laughter is captured, the memories are preserved. And the best part, you are actually IN these photos with your children and family.  After lunch, you decide a day at the beach is a must.  We get changed and head down to the water.  My gear is in a waterproof case and documents your daughter surfing for the first time ever.  Her instructor teaches her how to take her surfboard under the waves and it's all captured in pristine detail under the water, bubbles trailing from her face and a big grin is captured for all time all because you booked me, your destination adventure photographer.  Your son finds a bizarre crab and is completely enamored by it for several minutes.  You and your husband play in the water together and the laughter is infectious.  And there's me, capturing your husband looking at you like you are the only one in the world at that exact moment.  All of these are moments that you would not be able to be fully present with because you are trying to take your own photos while enjoying your vacation.  When the sun starts to fade, we shoot an entire family session on the beach.  The sun kissed skin and salty hair look just so perfect on the backdrop of the ocean.  Dinner showcases a traditional Hawaiian dance with your meal.  The fire dancers and your memories are locked safe in photographs for you to hand down to your children and grandchildren all because you decided to book me for your vacation.  These sessions are once in a lifetime and are only available with three months notice. 


What's included?

For a flat rate fee, you will receive:

  • a day in your life completely and professionally documented
  • a family session at the location of your choice
  • at least 200 professionally retouched images to share on social media with watermarks
  • a 10x10 silk album with 80 images
  • photographer's travel fees

To receive a quote please contact me with your travel dates, your family's resort or lodging information and destination. I will send you a quote with 24 hours.  Vacation sessions require a consultation, a planning appointment as well as an ordering session.  I want every detail to be planned for you and perfect.


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