Budapest: Day 3

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In the last four days we have walked twenty two miles.  Usually thing like that don't wear me down, but the heat combined with the miles is absolutely wearing me down.  Last night I feel asleep at 9:00pm.  I am currently writing this at 2am.  The internet here isn't capable of handling twelve cell phones and my laptop.  So I need to write my blog and upload photos when no one is on the internet.  Two in the morning seems like as good of time as any.


First thing in the morning, we needed to find breakfast.  I had spotted Budapest Bagel the first day we arrived so thats where we went.  It was literally life changing.  We ordered duck, cream cheese, tomato and greens, cream cheese and jelly, duck liver pate and salami, cream cheese, greens and tomato.  It was truly a lovely experience.  Why I had never thought to do cream cheese and jelly together, I will never know.


LDP_2094aLDP_2094a LDP_2098aLDP_2098a


Hungary is probably the most beautiful place I have ever been.  It looks like a page right out of Frozen.  The architecture here is remarkable.  This is Enoch and Haley, two of our team leads.

LDP_2109aLDP_2109a LDP_2111aLDP_2111a


After breakfast, we walked down to the boat dock to grab a ferry to "The Island".  I don't know what the official name to the island is but it's right in the middle of the Danube connected with a glorious bridge.  We saw many of the historical sites from the river.

LDP_2116aLDP_2116a LDP_2118aLDP_2118a LDP_2114aLDP_2114a LDP_2113aLDP_2113a LDP_2123aLDP_2123a LDP_2125aLDP_2125a


The 007 vibes are strong with this country... LDP_2131aLDP_2131a LDP_2127aLDP_2127a LDP_2129aLDP_2129a


This is our final destination.  This is Buda castle. LDP_2136aLDP_2136a


Rebecca, Enouch, Grace, Emily, Addy, Halie and Skylar. LDP_2132aLDP_2132a LDP_2138aLDP_2138a LDP_2144aLDP_2144a LDP_2142aLDP_2142a


This is the Parliment building,  On the way back, I grabbed a much better photo of this one. LDP_2149aLDP_2149a LDP_2152aLDP_2152a LDP_2140aLDP_2140a


This is the bridge connecting the Buda side, the Pest side and the island. LDP_2154aLDP_2154a LDP_2156aLDP_2156a LDP_2160aLDP_2160a

Our destination was this fountain on the island.  We took a much needed respite from the heat by sitting with our feet in the fountain.

LDP_2164aLDP_2164a LDP_2173aLDP_2173a LDP_2180aLDP_2180a LDP_2177aLDP_2177a LDP_2184aLDP_2184a LDP_2174aLDP_2174a LDP_2192aLDP_2192a LDP_2188aLDP_2188a LDP_2185aLDP_2185a LDP_2194aLDP_2194a LDP_2197aLDP_2197a LDP_2208aLDP_2208a LDP_2215aLDP_2215a LDP_2210aLDP_2210a LDP_2218aLDP_2218a LDP_2229aLDP_2229a LDP_2222aLDP_2222a LDP_2235aLDP_2235a LDP_2220aLDP_2220a LDP_2237aLDP_2237a LDP_2240aLDP_2240a LDP_2226aLDP_2226a

We explored the island a bit and found a water park that we didn't go in, although it looked amazing and this church ruin.

LDP_2248aLDP_2248a LDP_2250aLDP_2250a LDP_2246aLDP_2246a LDP_2242aLDP_2242a LDP_2256aLDP_2256a LDP_2258aLDP_2258a LDP_2253aLDP_2253a LDP_2260aLDP_2260a LDP_2262aLDP_2262a LDP_2264aLDP_2264a LDP_2267aLDP_2267a LDP_2269aLDP_2269a LDP_2272aLDP_2272a LDP_2277aLDP_2277a LDP_2280aLDP_2280a LDP_2288aLDP_2288a LDP_2290aLDP_2290a LDP_2275aLDP_2275a LDP_2285aLDP_2285a

LDP_2281aLDP_2281a LDP_2292aLDP_2292a

Back on the ferry we went past the Parliment building from the river and it was absolutely impressive.

LDP_2303aLDP_2303a LDP_2308aLDP_2308a

The ferry dropped us off near the Chain Bridge again and we walked across that to get over to the Buda castle.

LDP_2313aLDP_2313a LDP_2311aLDP_2311a LDP_2315aLDP_2315a LDP_2317aLDP_2317a LDP_2321aLDP_2321a LDP_2319aLDP_2319a LDP_2323aLDP_2323a LDP_2327aLDP_2327a LDP_2325aLDP_2325a LDP_2331aLDP_2331a LDP_2329aLDP_2329a LDP_2345aLDP_2345a LDP_2333aLDP_2333a LDP_2341aLDP_2341a LDP_2343aLDP_2343a LDP_2347aLDP_2347a LDP_2350aLDP_2350a LDP_2348aLDP_2348a LDP_2352aLDP_2352a

LDP_2356aLDP_2356a LDP_2354aLDP_2354a

Dinner was at Perfectto which is an authentic Italian place...definitely not Olive Garden.


We got to Facetime our family back home, which was AMAZING!!!  The little girls light up when they see Skylar.



LDP_2370aLDP_2370a LDP_2372aLDP_2372a LDP_2358aLDP_2358a


After dinner was more gelato shaped like a rose.  I didn't get images of that but trust me, it was divine.  In the morning we drive six hours into Romania.


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