Romania Day 2

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It's nearly midnight here and we just finished eating dinner and walking up the four flights of stairs leading to our apartment.  There's thirteen of us here and personalities mesh extremely well, which is surprising with so many of us in one space.  Today was a day of exploring Budapest.  It was extremely hot and humid and for someone who lives on the plain and mountains at 6,000 feet plus, it's nearly torture. 


The entire apartment didn't wake up this morning until about 10:00 am.  We were all exhausted.  A few of us walked down to grab pastries for breakfast.  Budapest in the day time is just as lovely as the evening.


LDP_1827aLDP_1827a LDP_1824aLDP_1824a


LDP_1831aLDP_1831a LDP_1836aLDP_1836a

We wandered through town to find the market and it was amazing!  It was a tourist hot spot and lots of Hungarian goodies. 

LDP_1841aLDP_1841a LDP_1838aLDP_1838a LDP_1844aLDP_1844a LDP_1843aLDP_1843a LDP_1848aLDP_1848a LDP_1850aLDP_1850a LDP_1852aLDP_1852a

Budapest has a huge World War II history.  The city was more than 75% Jewish prior to Hitler moving them to the ghetto.  We saw a book cart in the city and this book caught my attention in the quick walk by.  We also found a Starbucks and I was able to get a Budapest AND a Hungary mug, which was seriously a highlight!! 

LDP_1872aLDP_1872a LDP_1877aLDP_1877a


The city is very old and it has modern things thrown in at random points like this. LDP_1874aLDP_1874a

This is the book cart I found the Hitler book at.  It absolutely reminded me of Belle's cart from Beauty and the Beast.  Traveling Europe makes a lot of Disney movies make more sense.


We were on a mission to see the historical sites from the Jewish community.  This is a Jewish temple that marked the beginning of the ghetto from the Nazi regime.  It was remarkable. 

LDP_1879aLDP_1879a LDP_1882aLDP_1882a LDP_1888aLDP_1888a LDP_1880aLDP_1880a LDP_1884aLDP_1884a

This willow tree has a name written on every leaf.  There were 400,000 Jews that were killed in Budapest alone.  They literally decimated the population here.  Hungary struggled to make a come back after the war because their wealthy business and professional class of doctors and business owners were murdered.

LDP_1886aLDP_1886a LDP_1890aLDP_1890a LDP_1892aLDP_1892a

We wandered down to the Danube River and walked across a massive bride that was called The Chain Bridge.  It was massive and gorgeous. 

LDP_1894aLDP_1894a LDP_1898aLDP_1898a LDP_1896aLDP_1896a LDP_1900aLDP_1900a LDP_1902aLDP_1902a LDP_1904aLDP_1904a LDP_1910aLDP_1910a LDP_1914aLDP_1914a LDP_1912aLDP_1912a LDP_1908aLDP_1908a LDP_1906aLDP_1906a LDP_1918aLDP_1918a LDP_1916aLDP_1916a LDP_1916aLDP_1916a LDP_1925aLDP_1925a LDP_1927aLDP_1927a LDP_1931aLDP_1931a LDP_1929aLDP_1929a LDP_1933aLDP_1933a LDP_1934aLDP_1934a LDP_1938aLDP_1938a LDP_1920aLDP_1920a

Along our journey, we went to The Shoes on the Danube Bank.  This was what made it so very real to me.  The shoes represented a few of the people who were shot and killed and shoved into the river. shot and killed and shoved into the river.

LDP_1950aLDP_1950a LDP_1945aLDP_1945a


This couple were so sweet.  They were touching the shoes and sobbing.  I don't think I've ever seen history so real to me before.  There were children's shoes lined up here to show that the Nazis made everyone remove their shoes before killing them.  I was literally standing right where hundreds of Jews were murdered.  The heartbreak was palpable.





The first feet photo that I've ever taken that actually means something more than cute shoes. 

LDP_1952aLDP_1952a LDP_1948aLDP_1948a

This is the Parliment building that was right in front of where the Nazis killed thousands of Jewish people.  This was a gorgeous building with a fountain in the back.

LDP_1958aLDP_1958a LDP_1956aLDP_1956a LDP_1964aLDP_1964a LDP_1962aLDP_1962a LDP_1960aLDP_1960a LDP_1968aLDP_1968a LDP_1973aLDP_1973a LDP_1980aLDP_1980a LDP_1975aLDP_1975a LDP_1978aLDP_1978a LDP_1982aLDP_1982a LDP_1984aLDP_1984a LDP_1985aLDP_1985a LDP_1987aLDP_1987a LDP_1988aLDP_1988a LDP_1989aLDP_1989a LDP_1997aLDP_1997a LDP_1993aLDP_1993a




I saw this couple trying to get a picture in front of Parliment so I walked over and asked if I could take their photo.  They were STUNNING and her dress was literally breathtaking.



LDP_1999aLDP_1999a LDP_2001aLDP_2001a LDP_2005aLDP_2005a LDP_2012aLDP_2012a LDP_2007aLDP_2007a LDP_2013aLDP_2013a LDP_2016aLDP_2016a

Next up...GELATO!!!  But not the nasty stuff in the States.  This stuff was unlike anything I had ever had before and they shaped it into roses. 


LDP_2023aLDP_2023a LDP_2021aLDP_2021a LDP_2025aLDP_2025a LDP_2018aLDP_2018a LDP_2027aLDP_2027a LDP_2031aLDP_2031a LDP_2033aLDP_2033a LDP_2029aLDP_2029a LDP_2035aLDP_2035a

We hung out in the afternoon inside the apartment since it was so hot.  We were waiting for a few more team members to get in from the airport so we could go get dinner. 





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