Romania: Day Eighteen

June 30, 2019  •  1 Comment

We went into the city of Sibiu first thing in the morning and it literally looked like if Disney was in real life.  It was amazing and also reminded me of the movie on Netflix, The Boxtrolls.  It was really beautiful.  We grabbed breakfast at McDonald’s and it was close to what’s in the US but not.  My family knows how much I loathe McDonald’s and think it’s the grossest place to eat ever.  But it was actually really delicious and the highlight of my day.  I was so happy to be eating something different than lunch meat and cheese or pastries.  


We walked around the city’s historical center and went shopping and just enjoyed the day.  Every single place we looked was a fabulous building.  I absolutely loved it!


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Lunches and dinners here are much later than in the US because the sun doesn’t go down until about 10:00pm.  They still farm using horses and pitch forks.  Very few tractors are here.  So lunches are very large meals.  Usually with a soup, bread, main course and dessert.  Dinners and breakfasts are smaller.  This is the complete opposite of the States.  It’s harder to get used to but we manage.  

We ate lunch around 1:30 in the town square.  I love the restaurants here because most of the have awesome covered patios that you can enjoy while eating.  After lunch we made the three hour drive out to Clopotiva once again to the missionary family that would be hosting us this week.  We are staying in a hotel that’s the nicest in this area.  Careena said it reminded her a lot of a lodge type hotel that’s Romanian, like Gaston’s lodge.  When we arrived, I saw she was absolutely correct in that.  But dinner here was fabulous and our host family went out of our way to make sure we were comfortable and had a delicious meal.  But wifi here is completely sketchy.  I’ve been trying to upload 45 photos for the last hour….I will keep trying to write these posts with as many photos as I can but this makes it really difficult.  I also can’t have more than one browser window open at a time, but we will make this work for our last week.

Tomorrow we head to two new communities.  The first one is a church community where our host families attend church.  The second one is another gypsy community.  But this one has a very real spiritual battle going on.  We are praying for safety for our team and these kids.


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