Romania: Day Fifteen

June 29, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday was a really long travel day from Clopativa to Bran.  We got to our airbnb and the electricity was out from the rain storm that we had.  It was lovely getting there and having lanterns lit in the doorways with candles.  We were surrounded by mountains on every side and it was really quiet.  It was the perfect ending to our crazy week at camp.

In the morning we got up and headed into town to grab breakfast pastries.  We wandered around for coffee and pastries before heading to our first castle tour of the day.  It was Peles (Pel-ish) castle that was built for the Romanian king and every room was styled after different country.  It was ridiculously ornate and beautiful.

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My favorite features were the spiral staircase in the main hall, the paintings, and my favorite was the embossed, colored leather wallpaper from the 16th century.

Next up, was Bran Castle which is Dracula’s castle in Stoker’s book.  It was amazing and my favorite stop of the day.  Every staircase, every passage, every room was a maze and it was awesome trying to figure it all out.  The whitewashed walls and wooden floors were honey to my soul.  I really loved this place.


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We had an amazing dinner of pizza at a place in Bran.  It was absolutely delicious!


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