Romania: Day Four

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This morning was an early start to the day.  We were all up at 4:45am in the Budapest heat to start the day and move all our luggage up four flights up to the lowest level hall way to prepare to move them into the van, trailer and car that I was assured would be here.  The contacts this organization have made in this country are amazing.  They are reliable and everyone had been amazing.  This morning we are heading to Romania which is a seven and a half hour drive from Budapest.  We are going to a small rural community called Brasov.  

Once we were all loaded up in the van and car that did indeed show up, we bounced along in a sporadic and terrifying motion through Hungarian roads.  I kept busy by writing in my travel journal and watching movies on my iPad I had downloaded while still in the States.  WiFi in this country is not quite ready for the demands we Americans are asking of it.  It frequently crashes and kicks us all off.  I am currently trying to add photos to my blog using my hotspot on my phone since there is literally no WiFi at the Romanian ranch we are at currently.

The drive was beautiful.  We crossed the border about three hours into the drive.  Handing over passports while were were smashed in the van like sardines all while reading signs in Hungarian about how not to bribe the border patrol guards.  In Romania the flat landscape slowly started becoming more rolling hills, trees and farmland with the occasional farmhouse dotting the landscape.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Pristine and untouched.  There weren’t any power line poles scarring the horizon or power plants or shopping centers or even cities. Just small random homes lovingly attended to in the middle of their farmland.

The roads are incredibly narrow and Romanian driving can be compared to a combination of Nascar and ambulance drivers.  Anything goes.  Once we arrived at the ranch we would be staying at, I was in awe.  Farmland hills rolled in every direction.  To the east, rolling green “mountain” caught my imagination.  It was like a scene from every Disney movie ever.  The ranch was a beautiful white building with a bright red roof surrounded by fields, farmland and flocks of sheep and herds of cattle.  Huge rose bushes sprouted up next to buildings that seemed unintentional but somehow just perfect.  

We piled out of the vehicles and unloaded all the luggage….which is a lot when you have twelve people and are running a bible program for three weeks.  There were lots of supplies divided up between all of us before we arrived which were now sprawled out all over the common area floor. 

LDP_2378aLDP_2378a LDP_2376aLDP_2376a LDP_2414aLDP_2414a LDP_2410aLDP_2410a LDP_2408aLDP_2408a LDP_2412aLDP_2412a

We sorted everything, divided up rooms and settled in.  “Thee and Koffee” was served with chocolate chip muffins.  It was a wonderfully relaxing way to become acquainted with our Dutch host missionaries who run this facility.  This place is a lot like the retreat center my church in Cheyenne runs.  It’s open for any organization to stay at but it’s a faith based center.  We were served a dinner or pork chops, peas and carrots, peaches and French fries.  Our Belgium missionaries that would be our hosts for the children’s program tomorrow also arrived with our translators.  They are Jessica and Tase and are amazing.  They have three children and Tase was an MMA fighter prior to becoming a Christian and becoming a missionary to Romania.  There is a deep need here in the Gypsy community for the love of Jesus.  

LDP_2382aLDP_2382a LDP_2388aLDP_2388a LDP_2384aLDP_2384a LDP_2391aLDP_2391a LDP_2393aLDP_2393a LDP_2395aLDP_2395a LDP_2399aLDP_2399a LDP_2397aLDP_2397a LDP_2405aLDP_2405a LDP_2401aLDP_2401a LDP_2406aLDP_2406a LDP_2418aLDP_2418a LDP_2420aLDP_2420a

We enjoyed a peaceful evening dividing up the program needs, assigning classes to teach and narrowing down the roles we all needed to play.  We enjoyed the company of our host missionary family and the program missionaries all while playing with their kids and exploring the surrounding area.  I was going to snap a few images of these sheep and when I looked down my entire foot was covered in black spiders.  It was so gross!  


LDP_2425aLDP_2425a LDP_2427aLDP_2427a LDP_2429aLDP_2429a LDP_2438aLDP_2438a LDP_2439aLDP_2439a LDP_2431aLDP_2431a LDP_2436aLDP_2436a LDP_2441aLDP_2441a LDP_2443aLDP_2443a LDP_2448aLDP_2448a LDP_2446aLDP_2446a LDP_2450aLDP_2450a LDP_2452aLDP_2452a LDP_2454aLDP_2454a LDP_2458aLDP_2458a LDP_2460aLDP_2460a LDP_2463aLDP_2463a LDP_2478aLDP_2478a LDP_2466aLDP_2466a LDP_2476aLDP_2476a LDP_2469aLDP_2469a LDP_2480aLDP_2480a LDP_2488aLDP_2488a LDP_2484aLDP_2484a LDP_2486aLDP_2486a

Our adventure tomorrow starts with a big breakfast and then hopping into this WWII military vehicle and heading over to the center.  Once we will get there we will be heading into the village to “collect” the children from the area for the program. 


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