Romania: Day Seventeen

June 29, 2019  •  1 Comment

We’ve had so much happen in such a short time frame.  I do apologize for the really brief blog posts.  With not having wifi for several weeks, I am playing catch up on all my new posts.  The older ones I had much more time to write. 

In the morning, we grabbed more pastries in the morning and went down to the Bran shopping square.  Skylar and I circled the entire square searching for just the right things to bring back for family.  



I found this fantastic shop that was not a tourist trap shop with imported goods that aren’t even from Romania.  This shop was different.  It was in a perfect little store front cube and was neatly organized without junk piled up on every tabletop.  And it had a whimsical feel to it  but still had useful and relevant products.  I ended up buying nearly everything for my family at this place in two different trips.

Stefan is the shop owner and he has done an exceptional job setting himself apart from the other shops in Bran square.  We sat and chatted for about a half hour and I got the insider look at Sibiu, which is the next city we were heading to.  


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After shopping, we stopped at the Rasnov Fort, which was probably the coolest thing I have ever been to.  It was a thousand years old and I could picture the midivil scenes that could have played out here.  The view was spectacular.

LDP_6989aLDP_6989a LDP_6991aLDP_6991a LDP_6993aLDP_6993a LDP_6995aLDP_6995a LDP_6997aLDP_6997a LDP_7001aLDP_7001a LDP_7003aLDP_7003a LDP_7007aLDP_7007a LDP_7009aLDP_7009a LDP_7011aLDP_7011a LDP_7013aLDP_7013a LDP_7015aLDP_7015a LDP_7017aLDP_7017a LDP_7019aLDP_7019a LDP_7021aLDP_7021a LDP_7023aLDP_7023a LDP_7025aLDP_7025a LDP_7027aLDP_7027a LDP_7029aLDP_7029a LDP_7034aLDP_7034a LDP_7038aLDP_7038a LDP_7040aLDP_7040a LDP_7042aLDP_7042a LDP_7044aLDP_7044a LDP_7046aLDP_7046a LDP_7051aLDP_7051a LDP_7052aLDP_7052a LDP_7054aLDP_7054a LDP_7059aLDP_7059a LDP_7061aLDP_7061a LDP_7062aLDP_7062a LDP_7064aLDP_7064a LDP_7065aLDP_7065a LDP_7067aLDP_7067a LDP_7069aLDP_7069a LDP_7071aLDP_7071a LDP_7073aLDP_7073a LDP_7075aLDP_7075a LDP_7077aLDP_7077a

II was so excited to find this little gem inside the Fort Museum.  It was a complete set of US quarters.  My husband would have loved it since he collects these with our girls.  We literally have a fraction of them and we live in the States.

LDP_7079aLDP_7079a LDP_7081aLDP_7081a LDP_7087aLDP_7087a LDP_7090aLDP_7090a LDP_7092aLDP_7092a LDP_7095aLDP_7095a

I looking for beads for Skylar's grandma back in Cheyenne, we had a shop owner insist that Skylar have one of the necklaces.  But not just any necklace.  One that was made from a stone that glows in the dark.  He said it was phosphorous but I don't know for sure since he only spoke Romanian and very little English.

LDP_7099aLDP_7099a LDP_7102aLDP_7102a LDP_7106aLDP_7106a LDP_7109aLDP_7109a LDP_7112aLDP_7112a LDP_7114aLDP_7114a LDP_7116aLDP_7116a LDP_7118aLDP_7118a LDP_7121aLDP_7121a LDP_7124aLDP_7124a

We also stopped at this mud and straw home that reminded me exactly of Whoville.  

LDP_7126aLDP_7126a LDP_7128aLDP_7128a LDP_7130aLDP_7130a LDP_7133aLDP_7133a LDP_7138aLDP_7138a LDP_7140aLDP_7140a LDP_7144aLDP_7144a LDP_7146aLDP_7146a LDP_7148aLDP_7148a LDP_7153aLDP_7153a LDP_7155aLDP_7155a LDP_7157aLDP_7157a LDP_7159aLDP_7159a LDP_7161aLDP_7161a LDP_7163aLDP_7163a LDP_7165aLDP_7165a LDP_7167aLDP_7167a LDP_7169aLDP_7169a LDP_7171aLDP_7171a LDP_7173aLDP_7173a LDP_7175aLDP_7175a LDP_7177aLDP_7177a LDP_7179aLDP_7179a LDP_7181aLDP_7181a LDP_7183aLDP_7183a LDP_7185aLDP_7185a LDP_7187aLDP_7187a LDP_7189aLDP_7189a LDP_7191aLDP_7191a

After a few hour drive, we ended up in Sibiu and ate at a place called Super Mamma and this placed looked like a scene directly out of Pirates of the Caribbean.


LDP_7193aLDP_7193a LDP_7197aLDP_7197a LDP_7199aLDP_7199a LDP_7201aLDP_7201a LDP_7203aLDP_7203a LDP_7205aLDP_7205a LDP_7207aLDP_7207a


I went out with some friends last night and we went to this bar where there was an amazing band playing. This is one of those places where everyone knows each other and there are no strangers. There may be people who come in our site and out every night, but if you hang around long enough, everyone will know your name. It was really cool hanging out with all these people who know each other so well.
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