Romania: Day Six

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There’s something to be said about constantly producing powerful images and the toll it takes on you.  The emotional content is high and it’s hard to separate yourself from the project in front of you.  You start to fall in love with these people and you know that there’s nothing you can do to truly change things for them at this moment.  You just need more time, more miracles and more hope.  There’s so much of your day wrapped up into other people that sometimes there’s not enough down time for you to truly recharge.  Your team needs you and so do the people we are serving.  For me, I am more in tune with the people around me when I am behind a camera because I am looking for the little nuggets of emotion and connection that help to tell their story more fully.  I am looking for that whisper between sisters, the playful punching between brothers, the sad eyes from a grandparent.  

Today, we went to the same communities that we went to yesterday with different lessons.  Today, we fell more in love with them.  In Romos, the community is the poorest that I have ever seen.  Even when I went to Mexico on a trip much like this, the family we worked with at least had clothes and food and a job.  Most of the families here do not.  Most times, when I am shooting in the village when we are collecting the children, I have to shoot very strategically to not expose naked children to the internet.  While yes, that is very much a part of their culture, it is not mine.  I will be respectful of them in order to try and keep them children for as long as possible.  

Today, I also learned that there are many, many, many prostitutes at a very young age.   As young as eleven can be found on the streets looking for a man to pay them for sex.  They get the equivalent of $12 for it.  Once they get pregnant, they find an old woman in a shack with a hook that is willing to perform an abortion in the dirt and filth of the slums of Romania.  If you ever thought that there isn’t a need for care, love and support in other countries, you are wrong. As Pete was telling me this on the way to the city, I was crying in the front seat of his car.  I can’t imagine being so desperate that you are willing to do such drastic measures.  I also can’t image such little value on human life.  Pete was telling a story of a woman he knew that did this and three days after her abortion, she is out on the streets once again trying to get paid.

A day always starts better with a plan.  In the morning, we went over our plan once again before hopping into an old military vehicle with “MINES” stamped on the side.  Driving through the streets of Romania, I was pretty sure the driver’s goal was to see how many of us he could bounce out of the back of the truck before giggling and driving away.  It made the drive much more hilarious than it would have been on its own.

LDP_3283aLDP_3283a LDP_3287aLDP_3287a LDP_3281aLDP_3281a LDP_3279aLDP_3279a LDP_3285aLDP_3285a LDP_3289aLDP_3289a LDP_3298aLDP_3298a LDP_3300aLDP_3300a LDP_3291aLDP_3291a LDP_3293aLDP_3293a LDP_3302aLDP_3302a LDP_3306aLDP_3306a

LDP_3309aLDP_3309a LDP_3311aLDP_3311a

Once again, we walked the streets of Giougu to collect the children.  Today I focused on the lifestyle of the families that lived here.  I was super stoked to see a little guy wearing a Detroit shirt and I have no idea how he would have been able to get his hands on it.  Jessica knew a woman who worked the streets and needed help with firewood for her family.


And this sweet soul that I fell in love with the second I laid eyes on her.  Everything inside of me knew that she was a kind and gentle and loving woman with a heart bigger than she should have.  Jessica and her have a very unique relationship.  I pray that I am able to spend more time with this woman before my time here is over.  I only have one more day in this community before we move to camp week for the kids in Romos.

LDP_3329aLDP_3329a LDP_3336aLDP_3336a LDP_3331aLDP_3331a LDP_3333aLDP_3333a


We prepared new lessons for these kids and the photography team would rotate through basic lessons for the older kids.  We also had some devotionals ready for them as well.  The game team, craft team and story team all had new activities relating to the gospel that we would rotate the other kids through.  After each micro lesson, we would send the kids out with point and shoot cameras again to hone their new knowledge.  The photography team would follow the kids and help them achieve their “homework” but we would still get asked from the other kids to take a photo of them.  They were very drawn to my big camera and asked constantly.  I did have a child try to rip my Apple Watch off my wrist out of curiosity.  At the very end of the program, we would do a short skit and the kids always LOVED them.  All I can say is that Bob the Sheep is a baaaaaad sheep and God still loves him…

LDP_3343aLDP_3343a LDP_3348aLDP_3348a LDP_3346aLDP_3346a LDP_3350aLDP_3350a LDP_3385aLDP_3385a LDP_3387aLDP_3387a LDP_3395aLDP_3395a LDP_3393aLDP_3393a LDP_3397aLDP_3397a LDP_3400aLDP_3400a LDP_3406aLDP_3406a LDP_3404aLDP_3404a LDP_3402aLDP_3402a LDP_3410aLDP_3410a LDP_3408aLDP_3408a LDP_3418aLDP_3418a LDP_3416aLDP_3416a LDP_3412aLDP_3412a LDP_3420aLDP_3420a LDP_3414aLDP_3414a LDP_3422aLDP_3422a LDP_3430aLDP_3430a LDP_3438aLDP_3438a LDP_3436aLDP_3436a LDP_3425aLDP_3425a LDP_3444aLDP_3444a LDP_3450aLDP_3450a LDP_3457aLDP_3457a LDP_3452aLDP_3452a LDP_3458aLDP_3458a LDP_3460aLDP_3460a LDP_3469aLDP_3469a LDP_3474aLDP_3474a LDP_3465aLDP_3465a LDP_3467aLDP_3467a LDP_3472aLDP_3472a LDP_3476aLDP_3476a LDP_3463aLDP_3463a LDP_3481aLDP_3481a LDP_3479aLDP_3479a LDP_3483aLDP_3483a LDP_3498aLDP_3498a LDP_3490aLDP_3490a LDP_3496aLDP_3496a LDP_3485aLDP_3485a


At the next community, Seth decided to pull out his guitar and play through the streets as we rounded up all the mini humans.  It looked like the Pied Piper of Gypsy kids.  Probably the most adorable thing I had ever seen.  

LDP_3506aLDP_3506a LDP_3512aLDP_3512a LDP_3504a_1LDP_3504a_1 LDP_3510aLDP_3510a LDP_3518aLDP_3518a LDP_3520aLDP_3520a LDP_3525aLDP_3525a LDP_3527aLDP_3527a

This community was much easier to teach and work with because they did have a school and better housing arrangements.  They were all very eager to learn and practice.  I had an amazing girl named Sephora, which is super gorgeous before I made the connection with the retail store.

LDP_3538aLDP_3538a LDP_3533aLDP_3533a LDP_3550aLDP_3550a LDP_3552aLDP_3552a LDP_3557aLDP_3557a LDP_3554aLDP_3554a LDP_3561aLDP_3561a LDP_3563aLDP_3563a LDP_3579aLDP_3579a LDP_3581aLDP_3581a LDP_3588aLDP_3588a LDP_3586aLDP_3586a LDP_3590aLDP_3590a LDP_3595aLDP_3595a

I really love detail shots and I wanted to show her how to connect leading lines and the rule of thirds with details.  I really love this shot of her baby curls on the back of her neck as she was looking at the back of her camera.

LDP_3571aLDP_3571a LDP_3577aLDP_3577a LDP_3573aLDP_3573a

I also did a very basic posing technique with our translator, Sarah.  


Skylar loved playing with the younger kids outside the center when we were done.  The little ones just loved her and would run away from her waiting for her to come chase them and carry them back.  Two other boys would ride their bike and spray her with a squirt gun.  

LDP_3605aLDP_3605a LDP_3610aLDP_3610a LDP_3617aLDP_3617a

Aria is teaching perspective in this shot…which I love!  


I showed Sephora how to use the leading lines Aria was teaching.

LDP_3625aLDP_3625a LDP_3637aLDP_3637a LDP_3639aLDP_3639a LDP_3635aLDP_3635a

We also tried some action shots and more of Bob the Sheep.

LDP_3654aLDP_3654a LDP_3661aLDP_3661a LDP_3669aLDP_3669a LDP_3672aLDP_3672a LDP_3678aLDP_3678a

After dinner we did some praise and worship on the patio during a splendid golden hour.

LDP_3687aLDP_3687a LDP_3689aLDP_3689a LDP_3698aLDP_3698a LDP_3703aLDP_3703a LDP_3707aLDP_3707a LDP_3709aLDP_3709a LDP_3719aLDP_3719a LDP_3717aLDP_3717a

LDP_3721aLDP_3721a LDP_3731aLDP_3731a LDP_3737aLDP_3737a LDP_3758aLDP_3758a LDP_3744aLDP_3744a
This is Jessica and her youngest daughter, Rosalee.

LDP_3765aLDP_3765a LDP_3771aLDP_3771a LDP_3775aLDP_3775a


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