Romania: Day Twenty

July 06, 2019  •  2 Comments

Yesterday was another day in the scope of our team.  We went to the program in Clopotiva and enjoyed a meal at the restaurant close to the Goggin’s home.  I have been running the photography team this week so Aria could help some of the other teams that are here.  It’s gone very well this week since we are only doing it at this community.  The other one doesn’t have kids old enough for the photography team.  

After lunch we went down to a mountain river and went swimming.  It was amazing and super cold.  We had a great time down here for a few hours.

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In the late afternoon, around dinner time in the US, we headed to Balanu to do the second program.  I didn’t take many photos this time because we do much of the same every day.  The games, stories and crafts are different but the concept is the same.  The kids really love it and the team can bond very well with the kids because they get to spend so much time with them.

Immediately after the second program, about 7:00 at night, Hallie, Jessie, Maci, Skylar and I went up the mountain behind Clopotiva.  We had plans to shoot Skylar’s 13th birthday session up on the mountain…and the light did not disappoint.  It was stellar up there.  I was blown away with the beauty of it once I was shooting it.  Skylar’s gowns are by my exclusive designer, Sew Trendy.  Cami and Jessie LOVED the quality and couldn’t believe how perfect it was with the crown.  I will be bringing back more gowns to shoot Cami and Jessie’s girls in them next year.  

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We didn’t even get back to the hotel until 10:30 at night and the sun had literally just gone down.  We saw two baby foxes, two owls and a hawk.  It was amazing. This place feels like home to me and I don’t even know how to really explain that.  I know I will be back.  I have never been so sure of a future trip in all my life.  Romania got into my soul and makes me feel like I was born to be here.  

Cami told me that she is thinking of switching camp to the last week so I can come back and see them again.  If it’s not the third week, I can’t see them again because I can only come for two weeks.  Skylar would be coming back for the whole time.

Tomorrow we have part of our team that will be going paragliding while the other part runs the program.  The following day we will be switch.  And yes,  I plan on doing it too, despite my very intense fear of heights.  I literally had a panic attack driving up to Pikes Peak.  Hyperventilating and all. This should be very interesting.  I am hoping the more things I do that directly connect to heights will get me over this irrational fear.  And in my defense, it’s not completely irrational.  You can fall to your death from high places….so there’s that.  I will probably be crying while I am strapping myself into the harness.  A few years ago my husband and I went to Ouray to do the Jeep trail from Ouray to Telluride.  While I was driving on these intense cliffs and obstacles with my husband’s rock crawling Jeep I was crying horribly.  But I told him, I still wanted to do it.  The crying part is so annoying but it’s better than passing out, right?!



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