Beginner Photography Workshop

February 22, 2021  •  2 Comments

I am so excited to be able to offer this workshop!!  With twenty years of experience in the photography industry, thirteen years with an active business, multiple awards, globally published and loads of experience in numerous areas, I am here to help you!  This workshop will be teaching you the very basics of photography.  I will be teaching you the rules of photography, how to shoot in manual mode, how to use your lenses, equipment and how to adjust it all to work with the lighting you have.  We will have several models available and I will be teaching how to shoot each one. 



I have had an ENORMOUS response to this workshop and I am overwhelmed with the excitement from all of you!  I will be offering four hours of teaching with this workshop on June 12th and if that day fills up, I will offer a second day on June 13th.  This will be a late afternoon class to be sure we have beautiful light to work with our models. 


I am welcoming teens and adults alike over the age of thirteen!!  But you know your child.  The concepts I am teaching may go above their head with manual mode and with a full workshop, I will not be able to come and help one on one for the entire workshop.  There needs to be a high level of independence with your child.  I will also need you to either arrange ahead of time for a ride to the shooting location or come back to drive your child.



This class is $150 and is paid for using the link below.

JUNE 12th, 2021 4:00pm to 8:00pm

Classroom instruction: 4:00pm-6:00pm
Break time (time to grab a quick dinner and drive to our shooting location) 6:00pm to 6:30pm
Shooting with models 6:30 pm SHARP.


Our classroom instruction will be covering:

  • Rules of photography
  • Shooting in manual
  • Adjusting for lighting


Break time will have to be very quick because we will be chasing light with our models.  Please grab a quick bite to eat and drive to our shooting location.  I will be including all the details on where we will be meeting at for both classroom and shooting.  I am in the middle of moving to a new studio location in May and will provide details shortly before the workshop.  All locations will be here in Cheyenne.  I will be starting at 6:30 pm on the dot.  I will not wait for any attendee that is running late due to that we will all be chasing the sunset.

Shooting time: 

I will have a family, maternity and teen models for you to shoot and pose.  You will have thirty minutes to shoot each model set with the group you will be assigned.  I will give brief instruction on how to do this using your new skills you learned in the classroom segment.  I ask that you are polite and considerate with the other attendees that are also shooting the same models. 

What you need on workshop day:

  • A DSLR camera-this is a camera where the lenses can be detached and a different one put on.  Please do not sign up for this workshop with a point and shoot camera (where the lenses do not come off).  This is very important as point and shoot cameras DO NOT have a manual mode.  You will need this to work in this workshop.
  • Note pad and pens
  • A great attitude, especially one that is community over competition.


This is such a wonderful thing!  I have numerous sponsors that send swag for attendees.  Sew Trendy Accessories is my biggest sponsor and they, and another vendors will need to be tagged on anything that is posted on social media.  I will give out lists and how to tag them at the workshop.


To sign up for this workshop, please pick a time on this link, fill out your information and pay your workshop fee.  The time you select is not important.  It is just to make sure I don't overbook this workshop with attendees.  I am so excited and can't wait to have you all out for this!




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