You're booked!!!  Now the fun part!  Choosing your location and outfits! 


First up, locations!  Look through this link and decide which location you love the look of.  You might notice the names of certain locations are numbered.  Please let me know the FULL name with the number.  With mini sessions, there's not enough time to bounce all over the place between shooting spaces in any particular location.  I've numbered them so you can pick exactly which one you like the look of. 




Now onto outfits!  Most of my locations are pretty neutral and natural looking.  I've included a style guide I created to help you in this process.  Check this out and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

StyleGuide_Email LDP 1StyleGuide_Email LDP 1

StyleGuide_Email LDP 2StyleGuide_Email LDP 2 StyleGuide_Email LDP 3StyleGuide_Email LDP 3