This has been one exhausting weekend!  On Wednesday last week I flew to New Mexico.  My mom was running a special marathon march called the Bataan Memorial Death March.  This is a memorial run for the World War II soldiers who were forced to march 70 miles up the Philippine Island coast.  It was estimated at 18,000 died from starvation and horrendous torture and this marathon was intended to honor their lives.  Their bodies weren't even given the time of day for burial.  This was a brutal war event.

I flew with my oldest daughter who would be interviewing one of the survivors and writing a report for her school.  We flew out a bit early like we usually do to explore the area, hike and sight see and this time was no different.  Our flight to Phoenix just barely missed the snow cyclone that hit Colorado and Wyoming like a sledgehammer.  But our flight from Phoenix to El Paso ended up being delayed for about an hour.  And then it was forced to turn around 10 minutes from landing in El Paso due to a high wind advisory.  We got sent right back to Phoenix and had to rebook new flights to El Paso at 7:30 that night.  We spent 10.5 loooooooong hours in the airport.  We had been up since 1:30 am and we just about dead to the world when we finally got to our hotel room that night at midnight.

We did so many different hikes and activities while we were there.  This is Dripping Springs which was a three mile hike to this gorgeous ruin site of a 1900s resort.  I feel like living out in the west we have an unfair advantage to those who fly into these places from sea level.

LDP_7797aLDP_7797a LDP_7803aLDP_7803a LDP_7805aLDP_7805a LDP_7812aLDP_7812a LDP_7813aLDP_7813a LDP_7821aLDP_7821a LDP_7823aLDP_7823a LDP_7825aLDP_7825a LDP_7831aLDP_7831a LDP_7834aLDP_7834a LDP_7836aLDP_7836a LDP_7843aLDP_7843a LDP_7847aLDP_7847a LDP_7849aLDP_7849a LDP_7855aLDP_7855a LDP_7857aLDP_7857a LDP_7861aLDP_7861a LDP_7863aLDP_7863a LDP_7865aLDP_7865a

We also went to pick up my mom's packet for the march on Sunday.  We had the chance to meet several of the nonprofits who supported this event.  The trade show was crawling with veterans, active duty and volunteers.

LDP_7877aLDP_7877a LDP_7879aLDP_7879a


These are hiking sticks intended to be used with trail medallions that you can get at most hikes.  It's pretty awesome!  I've wanted one of these for about six years and never bought one because it didn't feel right.  I snagged one this day and we shipped them home so we wouldn't have to carry them on our flights. LDP_7881aLDP_7881a

These are hiking sticks intended to be used with trail medallions that you can get at most hikes.  It's pretty awesome!  I've wanted one of these for about six years and never bought one because it didn't feel right.  I snagged one this day and we shipped them home so we wouldn't have to carry them on our flights.

LDP_7889aLDP_7889a LDP_7895aLDP_7895a


In January, we lost a friend to PTSD and we wrote out his memorial bib to carry. LDP_7897aLDP_7897a


We ventured out to explore the area and went to White Sands National Monument.  It was gorgeous and incredible and we had the best time playing in the dunes.  We also went to Roswell and explored the tourist traps. 

LDP_7905aLDP_7905a LDP_7918aLDP_7918a LDP_7921aLDP_7921a LDP_7929aLDP_7929a LDP_7939aLDP_7939a LDP_7946aLDP_7946a LDP_7951aLDP_7951a LDP_7988aLDP_7988a LDP_8069aLDP_8069a LDP_8084aLDP_8084a LDP_8099aLDP_8099a LDP_8103aLDP_8103a LDP_8112aLDP_8112a LDP_8132aLDP_8132a LDP_8136aLDP_8136a LDP_8139aLDP_8139a LDP_8140aLDP_8140a LDP_8148aLDP_8148a LDP_8152aLDP_8152a

Saturday it was rainy and chilly so we opted not to go out on the hikes we planned.  We explored in town and found the most adorable little section of Las Cruces called Mesilla.  We had homemade Indian tacos that were unbelievably delicious.  My oldest daughter needed to interview a survivor of the Bataan Death March from World War II and she got the chance to do this today as well. 

LDP_8168aLDP_8168a LDP_8171aLDP_8171a LDP_8173aLDP_8173a LDP_8178aLDP_8178a LDP_8200aLDP_8200a LDP_8206aLDP_8206a LDP_8213aLDP_8213a LDP_8221aLDP_8221a LDP_8232aLDP_8232a LDP_8236aLDP_8236a LDP_8238aLDP_8238a


This is James Bollich.  He's the survivor my daughter interviewed.  He is also an author and wrote about the event in a book called, "Bataan Death March: A Soldier's Story."  I highly recommend reading this book.  He was so patient with her and helped her spell words and answered slowly and thoughtfully.  Truly a special person. LDP_8240aLDP_8240a LDP_8249aLDP_8249a LDP_8252aLDP_8252a LDP_8258aLDP_8258a LDP_8264aLDP_8264a


On Sunday, it was the day of the Bataan Memorial Death March.  We were up at 3:30 am to head to the Army Missile Range Base by White Sands.  My mom was running for soldiers that my brother and I knew and lost. 

LDP_8277aLDP_8277a LDP_8281aLDP_8281a LDP_8283aLDP_8283a



I was quite shocked by the amount of people who were up this early by choice.  It was also freezing cold.


We waited right here for nearly two hours for my mom to cross that finish line and somehow we missed her.  I have no idea how that happened.  We had our eyes peeled for her and were tracking her on my phone and still somehow didn't see her.  It was massively disappointing.  But I was still super proud of her!


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After the march, we went back out to White Sands to go sledding.  This was so much fun and it was a gorgeous day for it.  I came back with a tan while the snow cyclone nailed Wyoming and Colorado.


LDP_8403aLDP_8403a LDP_8405aLDP_8405a LDP_8407aLDP_8407a LDP_8415aLDP_8415a LDP_8420aLDP_8420a LDP_8424aLDP_8424a LDP_8430aLDP_8430a LDP_8435aLDP_8435a LDP_8445aLDP_8445a LDP_8458aLDP_8458a LDP_8464aLDP_8464a

My plans are to hike this next year.  I will be bringing my camera during the march and doing the half marathon.  Pray for me, folks.  I can hike with no problem for about eight miles.  A half marathon will need to be trained for.  One that memorializes something like the Bataan Death March deserves our time and effort.